Bachelorette and Girls Weekend Spa Package

1-Day Girls Weekend Spa Packages beginning at $595/person

Unforgettable Bachelorette Experiences

Elevate Your Celebration with Blu Massages

Transform your space into a private spa haven by booking our massage services for your bachelorette celebration. Explore a range of services, including facelift massages for radiant skin, and create a uniquely special event with our carefully curated offerings.
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The Ultimate 1 Day Wellness Retreat

Embark on a luxurious one-day retreat experience, beginning at $595/person. Delight in a relaxing escape featuring rejuvenating chair/table massages. Enhance your retreat by adding a private yoga or Pilates class, and explore further with optional additions such as private chef catering and exclusive workshops. Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury and tailor your Girls Weekend Spa Retreat to meet your desires.

Weekend Bliss

Take your celebration to the next level with a full private weekend retreat at Maison Stillwater’s, located in the Eastern Townships (only a 50 minute drive away from Montreal). Enjoy a stay at this luxurious historic home, private chef catering, massages for all guests, and additional perks like pool and jacuzzi access. Elevate the experience with private yoga, Pilates, or exclusive workshops.
3 Day Retreat package starts at $1125/person
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Tailored Add-Ons

Enhance your retreat with optional add-ons including immersive workshops like our Sacral Flow Workshop, Facelift Massage Workshop, or Sound Healing Journey. Craft a celebration that’s uniquely yours.
Ready to create unforgettable memories? Explore our bachelorette packages and book your blissful celebration today!
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