Meditation has grown in force due to the extensive benefits that result from it. Meditation is finding its place in conversation and in practice worldwide. Why? Maybe because it helps reduce stress, control anxiety, lengthens your attention span, and overall promotes emotional health.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a habitual process of focusing and training your mind to control your thoughts. This can be done by focusing on an object, your breath or your thought activity. Training your attention and awareness results in a clean and calm state of mind.

Here are some easy tips if you’re a beginner or want to deepen your meditation practice:

1- Find a meditation group: often times it’s easiest to be surrounded by others who are experienced or are trying it out for the first time as well. That way you can ask for tips and tricks, alongside integrating yourself into a new community.

2- Try a Candle: finding it hard to close your eyes and control those thoughts? Burn a candle and stare at the flame starting with a 1-minute timer. Gradually as it becomes easier you can increase the time spent doing this. A candle is great to use as a visual cue.

3- Practice: commit to meditation and make it part of your routine. If you start with only 5 minutes a day (when you wake up or before going to bed) that is 35 minutes a week. Starting in small increments eventually adds up and you will find that you can go for longer as your practice deepens.

4- Let it go: Mediation involves letting it go: of expectations, situations, where you came from, where you need to go. Take a deep breath in embracing positivity and exhale out any dull tension. Take a moment to feel worry free and trust the process.

5- Pick a Mantra: A mantra is a word that keeps you focused, like “Om” or “Om Mani Padme Hum” (ohm-mah-nee-pahd-may-huum). This is for all you yogis! Pick something that has a rhythm that you can repeat silently to the rhythm of breath.

6- Follow your breath: experiment with the length of your inhale and exhale. Deep breathing relaxes your body, slows your heart and focuses your mind.

7- Listen to Guided Videos: This is one of my go-to’s way to meditate and surrender. It’s makes it simple to have someone guide, your breath and mind. You’ll be surprised as to how quickly time passes! Try this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeGT1VXwfx4

You can practice meditation anywhere. Most people don’t realize that they already are practicing a form of meditation: washing the dishes or by going on a scenic walk.


Meditation is an ancient practice that is prevalent in our fast-pace high-stress society.


Take 5 minutes of your day to give yourself more time to breath and release.


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