Unless you are working in the field or get weekly massages, it is hard to gauge which style of massage you really need. Our needs are in constant flux, they can change from one appointment to the next. Sometimes you just need a moment of relaxation while another day you may just need your massage […]

What is Postpartum? Pregnancy is long and takes a toll on the body. People seem to always know what’s best for you while you are pregnant; most sharing their stories of experience or what they learnt through online research. What about after you give birth? There is a transition period after birth, known as Postpartum. […]

Isabelle-February 13, 2019
DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: WHAT IS IT? Deep Tissue massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. This type of massage is most beneficial with those who experience chronic pain, or have a contracted area such as upper back, lower back pain, muscle tightness, sore legs, etc. Some of the techniques used in [...]