Cellular Healing: A Return to Wholeness

Our cells have memory and are able to communicate with each other, holding a separate intelligence from our brain. They quite literally hold the blueprint to our emotional, spiritual, and physical state.
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Our cells have memory and are able to communicate with each other, holding a separate intelligence from our brain. They quite literally hold the blueprint to our emotional, spiritual, and physical state. Every single cell in our body has a memory and they each react to the memories we have in our current and past lives, regardless if our conscious mind is aware of the memory or not.

Our cells manifest info-energy on surrounding tissues which can include trauma, accidents, illness, grief, stress, and unsettled struggles. As we are growing and evolving, so is our DNA. Our cells make up our DNA, and our genetic coding is one aspect that greatly affects our immune system. To thrive in an optimal state of health our cells need to give and receive loving, light, bright energy.

Releasing old, dense energy on a cellular level can help improve not only your physical body but as well your emotional and spiritual self.

How we can heal on a Cellular Level:

Crystal Healing

Crystals have healing powers that can balance and restore your mind, body, and spirit. Used for thousands of years by multiple civilizations, crystals have a huge vibratory effect when placed on or near your body. Our body and crystals have energetic vibrations, which makes us receptive to the vibrations of the crystals we use. Crystals have different healing properties, having the ability to facilitate the release of energy blockages, soothe muscle pain and tension, release toxins and stress, and more. Crystals are a powerful tool in healing our body on a cellular level, releasing old dense energy that no longer serves us.


Massage improves circulation, eases tension, reduces inflammation and boosts your immune system. Massage eases muscle tension and pain by reducing inflammation, which in turn stimulates your body’s power house of cells: encouraging muscle growth and healing. Massage causes physiological changes in your body through the relaxation response, producing physical and emotional benefits.

Essential Oils

Essential oils contains plant’s healing nutrients and chemical compounds, some of which have been proven to encourage cell growth and healing. Essential oils affect our body’s cellular processing and the biochemistry of our cells. Active at the cellular level of our bodies, they have the capacity to change the electrical frequency of our body.

Colour Therapy Healing

Colour-Therapy, a non-invasive treatment, is light of varying wave lengths and frequencies that aims to bring balance to the energetic body. Scientifically, colour affects our mood, perception and energy levels. Every single cell in our body needs light, absorbing colour, which affects us emotionally, physically, mentally, and even spiritually. Each colour has a different frequency, which our body may absorb through Electromagnetic waves.

A perfect example to understand how colour can heal and save lives: Phototherapy, which is a blue-coloured light used on babies who are suffering from jaundice.

Reiki Healing

Reiki heals by flowing through our energy systems, charging them with positive energy, ultimately raising the vibratory level of our energy field. This nourishes the cells of our body and our vital organs, supporting them in their vital functions. Reiki allows for stagnant blockages to be released, straightening and healing our energy pathways.

Activated Massage

Activated massage is a modality, created by Isabelle Houle, where we activate through massage on a cellular level using crystals, colour,  and scent. It is a natural union of multiple disciplines in the holistic healing sphere. Experience this subtle and soothing level of cellular healing, that will positively affect your body in its own natural way.



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