Experience our most popular experience: The Blu Activated™ Massage provides cellular renewal and healing through the incorporation of massage therapy, reiki/colour frequency, sound healing, crystal healing and aromatherapy. A Multidimensional Healing Experience.

Receive energy clearing, chakra balancing & activation all while being transported into a deeply meditative state. All Blu Massage Therapists are trained in this modality by Founder, Isabelle Houle.

The Blu Sunshine™


If you have… Adrenal fatigue. Lymphatic build up. Detox of Toxins. Foggy Brain. Unmotivated. Uncertainty. Tiredness. Trouble sleeping at night. Need of caffeine and sugar to get through the day…. this is designed for you.

This treatment facilitates the releasing of all emotional weight and returns you to a sense of lightness.


60 mins $169

The Blu Heal™


if you have… Anxiety. Depression. Ungrounded. Uncentered. Fibromyalgia. Emotional and Mental Distress. Headaches. Muscle Cramps. Muscle Stiffness… this treatment is designed for you.

Lift, heal and clear on a vibrational level all that you are holding onto and that depletes you, or lowers your immune system vibrationally.

60 mins $199

The Deep Blu™


if you have… Insomnia. Chronic Pain. Inflammation. Sciatic pain. Nerve problems. Low back pain. Seeking a rehabilitation of Trauma’s. Theta Rhythm Deep Sleep Release. Fascia Blockages… this treatment is designed for you. 

 Receive a Deep Blu treatment to work at the deep inner layers of your muscles, connective tissues, and fascia.

75 mins $269


Our specialty at Blu Wellbeing, Activated massage, was created by Isabelle Houle with the intention of offering more to our clients within a service. It is a natural union of 5 disciplines in the holistic healing sphere, providing a multidimensional healing experience. Experience this subtle and soothing level of cellular healing, that will relieve stress, treat chronic fatigue, benefits those struggling with depression, release toxins and anxiety, and more.

Blu Wellbeing is the only company that has harmonized 5 powerful healing elements in one service with a trained team to further spread the light. 

Why Cellular Healing Works

Our cells quite literally hold the blueprint to our emotional, spiritual, and physical state. Every single cell in our body has a memory and they each react to the memories we have in our current and past lives, regardless if our conscious mind is aware of the memory or not.

Our cells make up our DNA, and our genetic coding is one aspect that greatly affects our immune system. To thrive in an optimal state of health our cells need to give and receive loving, light, bright energy. Releasing old, dense energy on a cellular level can help improve not only your physical body but as well your emotional and spiritual self.

What to Expect

be transported – feel deeply relaxed – lighter – energized – perhaps experience visions – improved flow – alignment – sometimes seeing colours – entering a deeply restful state – at ease – emotional healing – grounding – awakening – connection within

what you experience depends on the person, the day, and  the style of massage chosen. You can feel safe knowing that whichever style you choose will be utterly perfect for you. Pick the one that resonates with you.