The Gift Everyone Wants

for mom, your partner, your loved one, you.

Every Montrealer wants to experience Blu Wellbeing in-home massage therapy. The smile you are about to witness when your special someone opens up their gift…. priceless. Yes, you will be giving them their favourite gift.

Gift someone our Specialty Massage to ease anxiety and depression, a fixed amount as a gift card so they can choose their experience, or our #1 Rated Bath Products for post-massage care. Do you know someone who is trying to conceive or needs postpartum care? We have a massage for that as well. We are the go-to for Montreal Massage Therapy.

Our clients are family. We tackle the physical, emotional and mental needs of our clients by offering a holistic based approach in every treatment. Ease and soothe anxiety, depression, and low energy with our in-home Montreal Massage Experience.


Canada's Favourite Beauty Bath Products

Gift our favourite 3, best-selling, Epsom salts. We offer the top of the line, #1 Rated Canadian Bath Products because we all deserve the best right? Perfect for post massage care.

Sea Kelp Serenity
Perfect for: calming skin from inflammation, hydrating, restoring and balancing

 Charcoal Garden Detox
Perfect for: detoxifying, recovery, the traveller, cleansing

Eucalyptus Apothecary
Perfect for: detoxifying, recovery, athlete, congestion, aches and pains