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Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage is the answer to all fertility challenges, women health struggles, and digestive issues.
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Isabelle Houle, an Arvigo® Practitioner, helps women who need assistance to conceive naturally (fertility), with IUI and IVF support, pelvic pain, painful menstruation, endometriosis, uterine prolapse, postpartum, menopause, and many other symptoms.

How does Arvigo® support Natural Fertility and/or Women Health Care?

Arvigo® Therapy is a sequence of abdominal and sacrum massage techniques that works with your five systems of flow: your arteries, veins, lymph, nerves and chi (energy). This ancient Mayan Healing technique that bridges together bodywork, traditional remedies, herbal knowledge and spiritual healing to restore your body to health in the most natural and holistic way resulting natural fertility, an enhancement in the IVF process, and restored digestion.

The fertility abdominal massage has been practiced by traditional healers, midwives and shamans for thousands of years in the therapeutic treatment of the reproductive, digestive, and urinary systems.

Where does Arvigo® Fertility Massage come from?

The Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy are based off of Rosita Arvigo®’s 13 year apprenticeship with Done Elijio Panti (1893-1996) who is recognized in his New York Times obituary as “the last Mayan master healer in Belize”. Dr. Rosita Arvigo®, a naprapath – specialized in realigning the connective tissue of the body, has established a successful treatment plan for reproductive and digestive ailments offer by all Arvigo® practitioners. 

What may be preventing me from getting pregnant naturally?

What most women don’t realize is that their uterus may be out of alignment. It’s actually quite normal that your uterus may be displaced. What Arvigo® therapy does is we gently massage your uterus back into place/alignment, bringing the pelvic region and surrounding organs into a state of homeostasis (internal balance where the body can self repair) and hemodynamic (blood circulation).

This is important because it normalizes your body functions as nature intended. Homeostasis and hemodynamic are what keeps your body in an optimal physical state.

Causes of a Displaced uterus:

  1. repeated pregnancies close together with difficult births
  2. prenancy, birth, postpartum,
  3. carrying heavy burdens before or during menses, postpartum
  4. walking barefoot on cold floors and/or wet grass
  5. wearing high healed shoes
  6. running on cement surfaces
  7. injury to sacrum or coccyx
  8. chronic constipation, straining at bowel movements
  9. poor alignment of pelvic bones with the spinal column
  10. chronic muscle spasm around the low back and sacrum
  11. modern life
  12. motor vehicle accidents
  13. chronic cough
  14. the aging process

“If (the uterus) is out of balance,” Panti says, “then her entire life, emotionally, physically and spiritually, will be out of balance.”

Symptoms of a displaced Uterus:

late, irregular periods headaches or migraines with menses painful periods PMS failure to ovulate ovarian cysts frequent urination bladder infections tired, weak legs varicose veins in legs numb legs endometriosis painful intercourse uterine fibroids constipation difficult menopause etc

Restoring your body to health in the most natural, non-invasive way

Arvigo® stimulates the five systems of flow, this is what allows the body to self-regulate, self-heal, and self-repair. This natural state of health depends on the unobstructed, unrestricted flow of the Vital Force of this five systems of flow (arteries, veins, lymph, nerves, chi). 

With the techniques done in an Arvigo® treatment, the potential of immediate healing is great. It’s possible that in just a few treatments bodily forces could heal the ligaments that hold the uterus in place, flush out accumulated debris, improve venous drainage, and revitalize nerve energy completely. This results in great physiological improvement in the pelvic organs and reproductive life. We are restoring your body to health in the most natural, non-invasive way.

Montreal Fertility Program

If you are looking to get pregnant naturally using the Arvigo® Abdominal Massage Technique, we can successfully make this happen by following either a One-Month Program or a Three-Month Program.

This program includes: regular Arvigo® sessions for the duration of the program, self care massage, herbal support, diet, lifestyle changes, spiritual healing and other supportive modalities.

For more information please feel free to contact us at

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