PostPartum Massage Benefits For Moms

What is Postpartum?

Pregnancy is long and takes a toll on the body. People seem to always know what’s best for you while you are pregnant; most sharing their stories of experience or what they learnt through online research.

What about after you give birth? There is a transition period after birth, known as Postpartum. Postpartum is the first six weeks after giving birth. Usually a magical and exhausting period of time where you have the time to (hopefully!) rest and bond with your newborn.

During this transition your body is going through hormonal changes, your physique is changing, and you’re probably sore and tired. Your life revolves around this new beautiful human being you brought into life.

However, the way you care for yourself  during the following 12 weeks matters. Making proper choices to benefit your own health will have lasting effects.

PostPartum Massage Benefits

1.Relieve Back Aches and tension

Throughout and post pregnancy you might find that you still have aches and pains. Whether it is your sciatic nerve that is troubling you, your lower back, and most frequently the shoulders (from breastfeeding) a massage can alleviate the pain.

2. Decreased Swelling

According to your body fluids increased by 50% during pregnancy, causing swelling. Massages promote circulation and lymphatic drainage can reduce excess fluid.

3. Improved Breastfeeding

Massage helps circulation, can loosen lumps around the chest and improve milk production. Massaging the chest (without being invasive) can reduce breast pain and prevent mastitis. Mastitis is a bacterial infection caused by a blocked milk duct in the breast.

4. Manage Postpartum Blues

Postpartum blues occur after childbirth and can include symptoms of anxiety, sadness, low energy, etc. Ordering a mobile massage can help you find a deep state of relaxation, increase energy levels and stabilize emotions.

5. Boost Recuperation

Massages have a positive effect on muscle recovery, strengthening and in reducing soreness. Massages allow the muscles to get warmed up and stretched out, assisting you in your journey to recovering!

6. Glowing Skin

YES, Massages can help you glow! This is due to the fact that when you are being massaged you have an improved blood flow. Receiving a face and scalp massage helps to ease facial tension, gives a natural face lift, and removes toxins.

7.  Improves Quality of Sleep

Did you know that one hour of a massage has the same effects as 7-8 hours of sleep? Massage boosts your serotonin and lowers stress hormones. It will improve the quality of your sleep (not necessarily the quantity with a new baby!)

Enjoy the magic of guiding and loving your beautiful newborn into this world. At the same time, allow yourself that 60 minutes or 90 minutes massage once a month if possible. Taking that extra step to find “me time” is the perfect way to bliss yourself out, so that you have more energy for your family.

If you don’t have time to leave the house, call an expert massage therapist to your doorstep. Have your holistic needs taken care of.

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