Releasing Resistance

I shifted my mentality to release resistance and allow myself to enjoy my present moment.
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I shifted my mentality to release resistance and allow myself to enjoy my present moment.

I’ve let go of a timeline

I’ve let go of needing it to all be done, knowing that it WILL all get done in perfect timing 

I’ve let go of the stress of where I think I should be and enjoying where I am at. 

I’ve let go of living a bounded life and stepped into living an abundant, spacious life. 


I will follow the calling of my heart

I will say yes to new adventures

I will say yes to new friendships

I will say yes to last minute trips

I will say yes to what life wants me to experience 

Letting go of control and following the tide of momentum, the tide of inspiration, the tide of joy and inner peace 

Taking that day to rest and recharge because my body is asking for it. 

Or taking the day to wake up early, move my body and have a focused work session. 

Releasing my own imposed pressure, my own imposed resistance to the natural flow.

I will let my energy guide me

I will let the whispers of guidance bring me to exactly where it is I need to be

Yesterday, my friend applauded me for not stressing about my future.

I asked her

“When you picture your life at 45, do you see yourself as happy, successful, in love, and secure?”

“Yes” she answered. 

So knowing that; release resistance. 

I have unwavering faith that all my dreams and better, more than I could’ve asked for, will be fulfilled. 

This allows me to enjoy the journey. 

With that said, what I have recently shed is the pressure of when it will come. 

I am meant to enough the journey. 

I have my mentors, I have my core friends, the most beautiful family relationships, the most loving clients, the best massage team in all of a montreal, I am living my passion, exploring my creativity, honing in on my skills, educating myself further in my field

I am

Already living my dream. 

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