How I Shift out of Feeling “Stuck”

Whenever I feel stuck, this is what I do to get out of the funk and back into my alignment.
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I am feeling immense gratitude. Whenever I feel “stuck” in a thought… I whip out my journal, a pen and I get to writing.

I begin writing each sentence with:

“I am so appreciative of….”

And I go on and on…. Thinking of all the beautiful things I am blessed with in my life, in my current reality.

I tap into the frequency of love. I tap into the frequency of appreciation. I tap into my joy. I tap into the abundance that surrounds me. 

And I always finish feeling so full because my life is decorated with beautiful moments, beautiful people, and always so many beautiful opportunities to create, develop and excel. This always brings me back into such alignment.

Know that you are never alone, there is always support. All that is needed is to change the lens you are currently looking out of.

Find the magic in the small moments.

Find the magic in your everyday life.

That is the secret to joy.

It’s not the big things.

It’s in the small, finer details.


  1. Do your favourite physical activity
    I will be going ice skating for valentines day, I went for the first time a week ago and OMG! It was a BLAST! Get physical and have fun, it feels so good.
  2. Eat a bomb ass meal
    Support your community and order from your favourite restaurant. It’s time to treat yourself and nourish yourself with some soul filling food.
  3. Pamper with Self-Care
    Book yourself a massage, create your own spa ritual at home, glam up for the fun of it. Anything that involves pampering your beautiful self

May your heart be full, feel blessed and overflowing with love this Valentine’s day. May you reignite deeper to the love that is always you. 

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