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Bathorium Detoxifying Bath Soaks

Our recommendation for post-massage care
Indulge in the ultimate post-massage self-care ritual with our best-selling Epsom Salts—clean, green, and paraben-free. Rated number one in Canada, these salts are a luxurious addition to your relaxation routine. These salts feature premium ingredients, including mineral-rich dead sea salt, detoxifying kaolin clay, and skin-loving plant butters and hydrating oils.
Orders available for pick up only at our on-site location at K-Pilates
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Sea Kelp Serenity

Perfect for: calming skin from inflammation, hydrating, restoring and balancing

Charcoal Garden Detox

Perfect for: detoxifying, recovery, the traveller, cleansing

Eucalyptus Apothecary

Perfect for: detoxifying, recovery, athlete, congestion, aches and pains

This may help naturally support:

Castor Oil Packs

Our recommendation for unwinding anxiety with added health benefits
Queen of the Thrones® is the #1 practitioner-recommended original heatless, less-mess and reusable Castor Oil Pack Kit designed by a naturopathic doctor to support the relaxed, parasympathetic state.

Use code BLUWELLBEING10 for an exclusive 10% off.

Quintescent Bath & Body Essential Oils

Our recommendation for hydration, self-massage and meditation
Reconnect with yourself through the nurturing act of self-massage using Quintescent Massage Oils. This high-quality blend is designed for a deep sense of relaxation and inner harmony, making it perfect for both massage and bath rituals. Experience the hydrating and anti-aging benefits, and immerse yourself in a self-care journey that transcends the ordinary.

Use code BLU15 for an exclusive 15% off, because your well-being deserves the best.


Personal Development Journal

Cultivate Your Best Self and Accomplish all your Wellbeing, Personal and Professional Goals
Dive into a realm of self-discovery and growth with this comprehensive tool featuring to-do lists, inspirational quotes, time management tools, moon phases and calendar, an astrology section, and goal-setting prompts. Unleash your potential as you navigate through this undated planner, allowing you to customize your path to personal development. Make each day intentional, inspired, and aligned with your goals with the Personal Development Journal, because your well-being is a journey worth documenting and celebrating.
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