The Blu Activated™ Massage Experience

A Multidimensional, Meditative Massage Experience for Cellular Healing and Renewal
Embark on our acclaimed Blu Activated™ Massage, a transformative experience seamlessly combining massage therapy, reiki/colour frequency, sound healing, crystal healing, and aromatherapy to induce cellular renewal and facilitate profound healing
Immerse yourself in a deeply meditative state, fostering energy clearing, chakra balancing, and activation, expertly guided by our Blu Massage Therapists—all certified in this modality by our Founder, Isabelle Houle. Experience the synergy of these modalities for a truly multidimensional healing journey.

The Blu Sunshine™

This treatment focuses on releasing all energetic and physical density associated with the Solar Plexus such as anxiety, fear, indigestion, lack of energy or confidence, digestive issues.

Releases anxiety, digestive issues, stress, migraines, depression, and adrenal fatigue. Also aids in lymphatic build-up.

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The Blu Heal™

The intention of this massage is to return you to your full vitality, vibrational alignment and prosperity of mental, physical and emotional health. Allowing all encompassed healing and emotional grounding.

Works on the mind, body, and spirit to lift and heal. Clears energetic blockages, promotes emotional grounding, and addresses various physical and emotional issues.

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The Deep Blu™


This treatment facilitates the release of deep rooted inhibitions, helps restore depleted vitality, lifts sagging spirits, and transforms energy. Returns you to your natural state of wellbeing. 

Focuses on deep muscle layers, restores vitality, lifts spirits, transforms energy, and supports overall wellbeing.

Blu Wellbeing’s Activated Massage, crafted by Isabelle Houle, goes beyond conventional services, offering a fusion of five holistic disciplines. This unique integration forms a multidimensional healing experience, often described by clients as deeply restorative and healing, providing a sense of sometimes even an out-of-body experience. Delve into this natural union, experiencing a subtle and soothing level of cellular healing.
Witness the transformative effects, relieving stress, addressing chronic fatigue, aiding those battling depression, and offering relief from toxins and anxiety. It is more than a massage; it is a journey towards well-being, where each session is a personalized, deeply healing encounter.

How Cellular Healing Works

Cellular healing operates on the profound understanding that our cells are repositories of the intricate blueprints for our emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Each cell, laden with memories from current and past lives, responds to these memories, influencing our overall state. As the building blocks of our DNA, cells play a crucial role in shaping our genetic coding, thereby impacting our immune system.
To attain optimal health, our cells require the exchange of loving, light, and vibrant energy. Facilitating the release of old, dense energy at the cellular level serves not only to enhance physical well-being but also holds the potential for profound improvements in our emotional and spiritual selves. This transformative process allows for a holistic approach to healing, addressing the interconnected aspects of our being on a cellular level.

You have questions, we have answers

During a session, you can expect to be guided into a deeply meditative state, allowing your body to regenerate, rejuvenate, and heal on a cellular level. Every experience is unique, influenced by where you are in life and how you feel on that particular day. The most common testimony from our clients is that they feel as though they’ve traveled to another dimension, making it a fully rounded multidimensional healing experience.
The session you choose will depend on your individual wellness goals and preferences. Our Blu Activated™ Massage offers a multidimensional healing experience suitable for anyone seeking cellular renewal, deep meditation, and profound healing. We recommend discussing your needs with one of our Blu Massage Therapists to determine the best session for you.
The number of sessions needed varies depending on your specific wellness goals and the progress you experience with each session. Some individuals may find significant benefits after just one session, while others may benefit from regular sessions to maintain their well-being. Our Blu Massage Therapists can provide personalized recommendations based on your unique needs.
The Blu Activated™ Massage is a unique modality developed by our Founder, Isabelle Houle, based on her extensive knowledge and experience in holistic wellness. This transformative massage experience integrates various healing modalities to provide a multidimensional healing journey for our clients.
We’re thrilled to hear of your interest in offering the Blu Activated™ Massage! To proceed, please reach out to our team for further information on certification and training opportunities. Our Blu Massage Therapists undergo rigorous training and certification in this modality to ensure they deliver the highest quality experience to our clients. We look forward to welcoming you to our team of certified practitioners.
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