Our Story

Blu Wellbeing Montreal was founded in 2019 by Isabelle Houle, Silver Medalist of Wellness Massage at the Canadian Massage Therapy Championship.
Our Mission is to revolutionize the massage therapy industry by offering an innovative approach to holistic massages: Our Activated Massages.
Our Values are Excellence, Innovation, Wellbeing and Community.

Isabelle is revolutionizing the massage therapy industry with her innovative approach: Activated Massage.

Isabelle is a Holistic Wellbeing Leader with a unique blend of expertise that spans the realms of mind, body, and spirit.

Isabelle Houle, a luminary in holistic wellness, serves as a Registered Massage Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master, and Yoga Instructor. Her journey, starting at 16 when she became a Reiki Master and at 17 when she earned her Yoga Instructor certification, is a testament to her innate calling for holistic well-being. A few years later, Isabelle ventured into massage with a Registered Massage Therapy Certification, where she seamlessly integrated crystals, essential oils, energy work and other supportive holistic modalities into her work.
Isabelle Houle’s innovative spirit led her to create her own style of massage, known as Activated™ Massages, a unique technique seamlessly merging five holistic disciplines—massage therapy, reiki/colour frequency, sound healing, crystal healing, and aromatherapy—at her company, Blu Wellbeing. This multidimensional approach offers clients a deeply restorative and healing experience, described as an out-of-body sensation. By guiding clients into a meditative state and integrating these modalities, Isabelle facilitates cellular regeneration and healing, expertly fostering chakra balancing and activation. Blu Wellbeing’s Activated™ Massages invite individuals to experience a subtle and soothing level of cellular healing. Committed to holistic well-being, Isabelle teaches this transformative technique to fellow massage therapists, ensuring its widespread availability.
In addition to leading her company Blu Wellbeing, Isabelle Houle extends her impact through workshops, where she imparts self-massage techniques to empower individuals in their well-being journey. At the core of Blu Wellbeing’s mission to inspire self-care, these workshops aim to equip individuals with the tools to take charge of their own well-being. Isabelle’s commitment to fostering community is further evident in her leadership of transformative women’s retreats, providing a space for participants to immerse themselves in various self-care practices. Drawing from her training in the ancient Mayan healing modality, Arvigo®, Isabelle seamlessly integrates abdominal massage into her services, workshops, and retreats. This inclusion serves as a holistic approach to regulate feminine energy, aligning with Isabelle’s dedication to enhancing well-being on multiple levels.
Isabelle’s story is an inspiring narrative, weaving intention, touch, and cultural insights into a harmonious approach that uplifts and connects individuals on their transformative paths to well-being.
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Yet, her exceptional skill lies in small group leadership, ensuring each participant receives tailored guidance on their transformative journey. Isabelle’s retreats are sanctuaries of empowerment, where she empowers women to rediscover their inner strength and embark on a holistic journey of self-realization.
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